Album for Real Camping Lovers


This time I decided to make something especial for people, who loves travelling, hiking, wandering, camping... Now you can see this beautiful and interesting scrapbooked album made with a lot of love. With real patchwork cover, wooden name “Wanderlust” and a lot of features... It took around two months to cut, sew and stick, combine, emboss and color =))

Album have a size: 21*19*8 cm
Including 8 pages for around 50 pictures sized 9*9 cm and 9*7 cm. Cover made of soft beige material and patchwork from famous vintage Tilda Textiles and wooden chipboard.

Here you can also find a lot of tags for your short notes, also if you want to buy it (yes, you can)) but only this one, because other one (the same) not exist on this Planet =) I will present you couple paper-extras for making your pictures and photos suitable for this album. Magnet car shaker included. You can just visit my little shop -

Let's enjoy a details!